March 05, 2011


as usual...taktau nk tulis apa..its my 3rd month in this great land.
living in this country could actually be simple and easy, if not for some small and ridicule things that certain people would like to make a big fuss about..
top of the list
1. mobile services is restricted to locals only.
2. never give them authority power, however small it is..they just know how to misuse it.
3. unwritten policy
4. really not professional
5. the food is sucks and not hygenic
6. the women is hardworking and intelligent, unlike their other half
7. 10 dollar is normal, more is blackmailing

the list goes on....
well, on the bright side i'll be on holiday next week and be back to malaysia. 3 weeks will be a short one, but it's all i could get.
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